Hi there,

At home in the U.K, I am a Kent based artist with a travelling itch, and having found my creative passion late in life I am reminded every day that art truly celebrates the act of living.

It is with that in mind that I develop my paintings, working instinctively, always in the knowledge that the process will be bright bold and colourful. I paint driven by feelings of joy and playfulness with various mediums; brushes; knives; fingers and all manner of utensils to add texture and individuality to each piece. For all that view my work, I very much hope every finished painting brings an uplifting emotion to the fore that calls to be celebrated.

How did I get here?

After looking after my family; house; pets and the corporate world of various businesses over the last twenty-five years I physically and mentally crashed. My always-upbeat world turned grey, that was until I found art and WOW, with it came a vision for a completely different life…

Artistic Adventure

You can come on my artistic journey with me in my blog. I will take you on an adventurous ride in my, far too big, left hand drive motorhome. We will lumber around the coastline of England, Wales and Scotland and who knows where else!  Not only creating art personally but also sharing my passion for others wellbeing by hosting free art classes on those beautiful beaches. Through imaginative experimentation I aim to inspire others to find moments of mindfulness and freedom. Maybe I’ll meet you on my journey?

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