Thinking of something bespoke, unique and thoughtful it could be a commission of a favourite place or a beloved pet, whatever your idea don’t hesitate to share it with me.

Let me know:

Please think about where it might go, what size it could be, your preferred timescale and your budget. If you want me to work from photographs much depends on the quality. If you are local, perhaps I could visit and take some myself?

Pricing & benefits of commissioned pieces:

Commissions are by their nature bespoke, they more time consuming and the nice part is, you can be involved in the process. If so, you will get a look behind the scenes from start to finish, looking at areas like composition, mediums and colour mixing. Consequently, they cost slightly more than my original completed works.

Once we have discussed your idea and you are ready to go ahead you will be asked for a 50% deposit then the remainder is paid on completion.

Then if your choice is a cherished animal, I will get ready to fall in love all over again as I have with every one so far. If it’s a place,  I will be itching to go there by the time its completed!

Price examples:

Watercolour A4: £170. Or £190 beautifully mounted: Oil on canvas painting A4 £210.

Watercolour A3: £250. Or £275 beautifully mounted: Oil on canvas painting A3 £290

Watercolour A2: £390. Or £430 beautifully mounted: Oil on canvas painting A2 £495

Watercolour A1: £610. Or £650 beautifully mounted: Oil on canvas painting A1 £750

I say beautifully mounted because they are mounted and presented backed and wrapped. I then add additional wrapping and if a gift, can always add a personal note from me.

Looking forward to hearing from you…