A load to carry


Mixed Media Original

20 x 40in (50x101cm)

Golden Safari Collection

This was essentially an animal collection inspired by our Kenyan Safari, however, I couldn’t help but fall in love with the every day sights of the landscape and people of Kenya and Tanzania.

The natural confidence of carrying those heavy loads, balancing boxes and bags effortlessly had to be captured and added to the collection.

I really enjoyed drawing the sway to her clothes, which are expertly wrapped and flowing so easily. The busy streets are in amongst the abstract look of the paint and gold leaf added before and after the drawing itself.


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The Art process is one where I continued playing with spray paint and acrylic paint using my developed technique, until I felt that was enough. However, with this piece I quickly realised that it wouldn’t be an animal adorning the beautiful background, but a typical vision of a lady going about her business in Tanzania.

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