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Acrylic Painting


A Christmas decoration that will never date and is sure to delight every year and become a memorable talking point. I feel like I’m conspiring with Santa with his cheeky smile whenever I look at this painting!

Up close you can see the texture of the fur on both Santa’s clothing and the Reindeer, applied lovingly with my friend-the palette knife. I was testing a new range of Acrylics on this painting and they did not disappoint, holding the vibrancy and depth of colour, this is a decoration you can trust to put you in the Christmas spirit every festive season. I hope he makes you smile too…

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With our German heritage we celebrate with the man of the hour, Father Christmas himself, on Christmas Eve. It seems he subconsciously morphed into my painting along with one of his trusted reindeer.

The rich reds and snowy whites of the cuddly suit; little curl in his hair and twinkle in his eye, evokes such lovely memories of my childhood and every Christmas with our children and now Grandchildren. A colourful tradition I have now committed to paint. I hope this brings you similar enjoyment for the Christmas season every year.

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