Course 1: Drawing and Charcoal Techniques



Learn the fundamentals  of drawing in Four short weeks, so that every Art Course you do there after becomes easier because of the transferable skills learnt. Every Tuesday Evening or Monday Afternoon for four weeks is just enough time to give you some easy tips and techniques to grow your confidence and make drawing fun. Making friends and having some relaxing time for yourself are just added bonuses.

“Very informative relaxed style. Wasn’t expecting to be able to do it but surprised myself” Elayne Rushworth


You will learn how to make drawing a simple pleasure, there will also be drawing games, a chance to explore the beauty of charcoal, and coloured pencils. Showcasing a range of different styles and techniques you can take into other mediums; you will end the course on a confident high.

When: Tuesday Evening 7-9.30pm 28th Feb -7th -14th – 21st March:
Afternoon sessions: Monday 6th13th 20th 27th 12-2.30pm March.

No Supplies? Starter Kit: Inside the unique Heidi Schaffner Art Tote Bag will be various sketching paper; a set of HB graduated pencils; charcoal and a selection of watercolour pencils. Please buy separately.

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