A unique painting for a unique creature.

There are 56 species of Seahorse to date, all swim upright and are a myriad of designs and colours, which in part inspired this painting, as well as the romantic side of their nature. Throughout their pregnancy of 45 days, where the male looks after the babies in his brood pouch, they have a daily dance ritual. What’s not to love?

The love heart in the middle of this design signifies everything that is wonderful about, Seahorses, the Ocean and Love.

Vibrant and bold, this painting reflects these little creatures and will I hope bring joy and love to whoever has them on their wall

Unfortunately 150millionĀ  are taken from the ocean for the medicinal trade with 1 million taken by the pet trade, most don’t last past six weeks. This means this beautiful creature is under threat.


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Small as they are Seahorses are strong, holding onto each other or the vegetation in the sea’s strong currents with a determination shown throughout their three year lifespan. As babies once born into the ocean they find and hold onto each other with their tails, facing whatever life holds for them from that moment on.

Strong bold and beautiful, the warm purples pinks and lilacs exude the love connection, perfect for a Seahorse fan on their Wedding day Anniversary or Valentines day?


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