Make a Wish 2


size 20 x 40in
Original Oil Painting
Description: The look of this young Giraffe makes me smile, kneeling down looking directly at us, he is both relaxed and optimistic about everything going on around him.  His mix of colour against the sunny yellow background reflects the notion that he is still developing and learning about himself and the world. Part of a Triptych including an Elephant and a Lion this really is a joyful statement piece destined to keep you smiling.
Prints available
A4 25.00
A3 40.00





Make a Wish 2 Giraffe

Although the original is sold, a professional Giclee print makes the ideal gift to lift the spirits of all ages with the fun look of this Giraffe, whether its for a children’s room or animal lovers wall, Its unique and fun loving.

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