PAINT PARTY: Team Building with a difference!


Enjoy the benefits of getting your own group together for a Private Paint Party.

You choose a date and even the paint subject to suit you, making this bespoke event one to remember with a masterpiece to take home as a personal momento. There is a ton of research to show art helps with the following… making it the perfect group event:

  • Team building
  • Confidence boost
  • Enhanced problem solver skills
  • therapeutic for the mind
  • Raises serotonin levels
  • Reduces stress
  • Enhanced brain function

Full day Workshops are also available for the full immersive art experience



Private Paint Parties are a perfect way to bring your team together. Whether its a Friendship or Sports group: Baby shower or Hen doo; not forgetting the importance of a Team Building event for your place of work.

With everything pre-prepared, even the drawing we eliminate the fear for those thinking they cant draw and get straight into guidance on painting techniques and choosing whatever colours make you smile. Every painting  is so different and is something to treasure along with the laughs and banter had during the two hours of creative mindfulness.

If you would like to host this event at your home or in your garden in the Summer the price will be £40pp within a 20 mile radius of Sittingbourne. Should you be considering a a wonderful event like a full day Art Workshop in your garden during the summer please contact me with numbers and dates.

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