Peacock Christmas Tree



Approx 4ft tall and circumference


Original design and Acrylic painting. Glass Baubles supplied

Unique; Beautiful; Unusual; Everlasting;

Nothing says Christmas like a beautiful Bird, they have decorated our homes in so many ways over the years at the festive season and now with this one of a kind Peacock Christmas Tree you have a no fuss easy to store solution to a Christmas Decoration for your home or Workplace.

Peacocks have a rich history when it comes to Christmas. Many monarchs saw them as a symbol of strength power confidence and even divinity. Christianity since the 3rd century and through the ages has seen them as a symbol of eternal life and purity. Their feathers have been prized and in other religions worshipped for their iridescent shimmer and all seeing eye.

Delivery to be discussed, just two wooden parts, can be easily assembled and stored.


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I loved bring this idea to fruition. With help from my house renovator hubby, I drew my idea onto two 4ftx5ft MDF boards and he used his skills and materials to meet my requests resulting in the hand cut design I had drawn. Thereafter, it was a process of priming and layering the feathers of paint along with the golden eyes showcasing the final touches: The beautiful glass baubles, often hand decorated, are a collection of Peacock inspired designs some of which I had bought at a little unique boutique in Margate by the coast in Kent, before the idea had fully formed! I later found other gorgeous designs, so this piece will come with some spares for you to enjoy for years to come.

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