Trust Me!



SIZE 12x16IN

This cheeky one was a joy to paint and with the layering of some wonderful acrylic paint came the mix of colours which I adore. Hope you do too, can you see this crafty Cat purring on your wall?

Exclusive painting, no prints available

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This one always makes me smile because of his mischievous grin, Would you trust him?

Nearly all wild Lions live in Africa and males can weigh 30 stone! Did you know that a Lions mane has a multitude of health benefits and has been shown to lower the risk of heart disease, cancer ulcers and diabetes in animals… amazing.

Generally listed as Vulnerable their population is in constant decline with West African Lions status noted as Critical. We unfortunately, are one of the main threats to Lions along with habitat loss and other related factors.

You can support Lions through The Born Free Foundation:

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