Windsor Blue



12 x 24IN

With lots of oil paint and palette knives I loved creating the texture of those massive wings and that head attached to that lovely long neck. Apart from the colour in the Beak I kept the rest of the painting in simple blue tones to show off the beautiful white feathers of the protected Mute Swan.

An exclusive oil on canvas painting, prints are not available.

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With emotions stirred by the passing of our Queen this year I found myself intuitively picking up blues to start this painting. I found the correct colour only to realise it was called Windsor Blue!

Swan facts for you: All unmarked Mute Swans are technically owned by the King now, they have been protected by royal tradition from 12th Century, maybe even earlier. There are just three companies allowed to own Swans on the Thames.

They are the 5th heaviest flying bird in the world; each egg the equivalent to at least 7 chicken eggs; the Male is known as the Cob, and female the Pen. Swans are extremely intelligent; Like Elephants, they mate for life and grieve like we do; they remember who has been kind to them, or not so and respond accordingly.

Be friendly to that Swan you pass on your run every day!


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