A helmet and mousse are the only things that will tame my hair!

Due to our motorhome being a big beast, we realised we needed to park up somewhere with space and then have a mode of transport to go exploring. Luckily the beast has a garage! We love push bikes but its not so easy to carry equipment up and down hills, so they curtail our ventures of exploration. It is only a Twist and Go which means when we are both on it going uphill, people sometimes walk faster, but hey life’s not perfect, and any embarrassment is hiding under a helmet!

I have always loved speed in cars and the feeling of freedom a bike gives you and its nippy with just one of you on it, so ultimately it does the job.

We tested it out on our trip to Totnes in Devon for their Open Studios, Arts event, if you didn’t know they happen all over the country around September time so be sure to check out the one happening near you this year. You see such a diverse range of art that you didn’t realise went on near you, it gives you the chance to meet artists you might follow or just do the kind of art you like and I’m not just talking about painting. Totnes is lovely by the way, filled with galleries and creatives alike from imaginative tasty lunches to the interesting architecture of the old town and the contrasts of the work inside them.

This trip gave me a good excuse to meet Artist Yvonne Coomber in person and to see her art up close. I wasn’t disappointed, I felt her love and involvement when creating her work and hadn’t noticed the gold detail before so was encouraged by not only by the way she works so freely which I aspire to but the fact that she is just as focussed and careful about the end result as I find myself being. I think its easy to think that others find the process easy and just sometimes quite literally throw their art together effortlessly. In reality the more I learn about Art, it’s never effortless, a bit like love or anything worth having.

Can’t wait for our next trip, will let you know what’s happening and where we are going in my Tour dates diary.

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