Mixed Media Original

18x22in (45x55cm)

Golden Safari Collection

The grace and calm of these beautiful animals was something I wanted to capture. They hold a poise in whatever they do, and  will walk away from drama and conflict. Unique in markings and design Nature has created a beauty here in five different types.

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I wanted to viewer to feel that the animals were truly part of the landscape, their natural habitat- unfiltered. So, I played with spray paint and acrylic paint until I got the background I wanted and from there decided to add the animal simply and directly with professional pens. After that came the gold leaf just to emphasise the rich gold in front of us; that of the landscape and animal itself, we must protect.

Included are some images of the first version of this painting that was framed beautifully by K-Frames. The lighting is obviously warmer but it gives you an idea of how good this range looks in a Gold Frame.

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