Where’s my Pen? Secretary Bird


Oil Painting

12 x 24in

I loved applying the thick oil paint with the palette knife to give your eye an idea of the strength and weight of those magnificent feathers. These birds do fly and  nest at the top of Acacia Trees. Those eyelashes surrounding those big wide eyes captivated me. Exaggerated and almost cartoon like, I found it tricky to persuade the viewer that this was a real bird, not make believe! Dramatic quill like feathers give this bird a regal aura, but watch out she is also known as Killer Queen.




Oil Painting



These fantastic looking birds get their name from the appearance of their quill like feathers being tucked into 19th century secretary’s hair, and you can see why!

This Bird of Prey is often called Killer Queen, with their regal feather adornment and stunning lashes that rival any false pair, they have deadly strong legs and talons, sharp enough to shred and stomp their prey to pieces. However they are not aggressive, in fact they were kept as pets by Africans many years ago to help keep pests down.

Conservation of Nature IUCN has now listed this beautiful bird as Endangered in 2020, due to a rapid decline across its entire range.

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