Make a Wish 3


Print 8 x 14in
Original Oil Painting Size 20 x 40in
Prints available in two sizes, for bespoke sizes please email me
Description: Using both brushes and palette knives I enjoyed capturing the look of this awesome Lion. For an animal who can be fast and fierce he is calm patient and contemplative, almost as if he is in prayer or making a wish. I added gold to his mane to add to his regal stature and knew when I could stop painting because he evoked such emotion in me. Last in the triptych of vulnerable animals I made a wish with him.
Prints available
8x14in  £25.00
A3  11.7 x 16.5in, £40.00
Both will fit an A3 frame


This Lion looking up in wonder is as moving as it is majestic. What Wish is he making? I have a few ideas but will leave you to your own thoughts and emotions stirred by this piece. Although the original was snapped up professional Giclee prints are available for animal lovers of all ages. Better still, team him up with his Make a Wish buddies the Giraffe and Elephant and complete the rainbow for a Joyful and Uplifting artwork for any wall.

Professional Giclee Print

Print size 8 x 14in will fit A3 frame

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