Welcome to my work place! It’s a new space for a new creative life and I couldn’t be more thankful.

My wardrobe and my husband are pleased too as I have paint on clothes that I swear I wasn’t wearing near any paintings, as well as paint on the walls at home that are not there by design!

So as soon as Paul has finished sorting my studio out for me, I think the house will get a proper lick of paint too. Paul renovates houses and a pet hate of his is to put nails into a perfectly smoothly plastered and painted wall so this is going to be tough for him!

As you can see from the photos I am quite literally surrounded by art as I am getting ready for my first exhibition of original watercolour and prints of my oil paintings. (check out my diary for more info)

Having my own space allows my mind to breathe, when I paint I get lost in the process, I forget to eat and don’t notice the time until I realise, I’m losing daylight. So, I’m extremely fortunate to have floor to ceiling windows in two rooms and bifold doors in the main space and kitchen area, so natural light floods in. I hope to use this space as a gallery too on occasion and even have a fridge so look forward to popping open a bottle or two to share.

If you ever visit you will find me paint splattered listening to the radio or singing along to a bit of Motown, but I’ve always got time to put the kettle on.

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